Michigan Mother Puts Up A Billboard Asking For Help In Her Son’s Unsolved Murder Case

Nearly two years after her son was murdered, Shamayim Harris is still waiting for justice. So the community leader, fondly known as “Mama Shu,” has put up a billboard in her Michigan town to draw attention to her son’s unsolved case. 

According to WDIV, Harris’s son, Chinyelu Humphrey, was shot on Jan. 26, 2021, while on a security watch across the street from his mother’s home. Humphrey was in his vehicle when an unknown person approached and shot him.

He was pronounced dead at the scene.

With fears that her son’s case would go unsolved like so many in the area, Harris has taken the matter into her own hands. WDIV reports that on Dec. 10, Harris purchased a billboard asking the city for help to find her son’s murderer. 

The towering sign includes an image of Humphrey and a message: “My son was killed. I saw who did it. I told the authorities. No arrests. Help me.” Signed, Mama Shu. 

The billboard will be up for one month, costing Harris $3,000, but she says that’s a small price to pay to bring awareness. “I can’t sit around this city and not do nothing about it,” she said. “It’ll stay up another month if I need for it to stay up another month.”

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