Marc Lamont Hill Sounds Off on Criticism About CNN Reporter Wearing Hijab on Air

CNN chief international correspondent Clarissa Ward has been on the ground covering the latest developments in Afghanistan.

Some have applauded her bravery and her work, while others have criticized Ward for wearing a hijab and full-body covering after the Taliban’s takeover. BNC host Marc Lamont Hill discusses the story on “Black News Tonight.” While some wonder if the wardrobe change was sparked by Taliban control, others think it is for dramatization. Hill says this story isn’t about Ward, but instead how the hijab is used as a political tool to demonize Islam and justify American imperialism. “There has been a consistent narrative from the West, particularly [in] these United States since 9/11, to suggest that the reason we’re invading countries, the reason we’re plundering, the reason we’re bombing, the reason we’re exploiting is to save the women,” he says.

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