Snoop Dogg Calls Cap On Rumors That He Smokes 75-100 Blunts A Day: ‘What Am I, A F**kin’ Machine?’

Snoop Dogg is a cannabis connoisseur. In fact, he’s probably on the Mount Rushmore of celebrity marijuana smokers next to Wiz Khalifa, Willie Nelson, and Seth Rogen. Although Snoop is known to smoke a lot of weed, he wants to make sure people get their facts straight when it comes to just how much he’s smoking a day.

The Grammy award-winning artist took to Instagram on Sunday to let it be known that contrary to online rumors, he does not smoke anywhere close to 75-100 blunts a day. Snoop appeared to be specifically addressing a woman who made claims that she was the rapper’s private blunt roller.

In the video, Snoop showed a collection of less than a dozen roaches.

“B*** said I smoke… b***h, this is all in a day’s work. Stop lying,” he began. “F** I’m gonna smoke all that weed in one day. What am I, a f**kin’ machine? B***h, this is the roaches. See, roaches.”

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