RennyOnThe1 Releases New Anthem for Morehouse College

Does Morehouse College has a new anthem? Lorenzo Moore (aka RennyOnThe1) recently released the video to his Blow The Whistle (Spelhouse Remix) as a way to get people excited about the homecoming season.

The Atlanta-based sound engineer and 2018 graduate of Morehouse College created the song with hopes that it would become included in the nostalgia that listeners experience years down the road when they look back at the “good ol’ days”. 

“Beyond the nostalgia and depth of Too Short’s original, I wanted to bridge the gap in the music as it relates to the AUC,” he told Watch The Yard. “There are certain songs that are inevitably included in every HBCU’s event playlist. You’re bound to hear classic songs from Boosie, Juvenile, Jay Z, and more. Being a first hand empath to this culture as a student at Morehouse I was in a very interesting position absorbing this culture while also creating my own path. This song serves as a gesture of homage to the community that blessed me with some of the best friendships and connections as well as knowledge. This also serves as an homage to Too Short, and of course an Eastside legend, Lil Jon.”

Watch his full video that was executive produced by Curt Midkiff (Morehouse Class of 1996) and directed and shot by DNA below:

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