Twin Brother Of Murder Victim Attacks Suspect In Courtroom After Homicide Footage Is Shown

Jeffrey Clark is currently the lead suspect in the murder of JaRay Robertson. Clark is being accused of shooting Robertson execution-style in a parking lot on July 4.

According to Fox 2 Detroit, Clark appeared in a Macomb County courtroom on Nov. 2 for a preliminary hearing. During this hearing, the prosecution presented evidence they wanted to use in the trial. Included in the evidence was the surveillance video, showing a victim lying in the parking lot and another man standing over him with a gun. The man then fires the gun at the victim multiple times.

As the footage continues, the victim lies on his side, rolling back and forth. He then holds his hand up, guarding his face as if pleading with the shooter to stop. The video shows at least one shot fired, but a tree partially blocks the view. The suspect then walks away from the victim, leaving him to die in the parking lot.

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