Remembering Takeoff And Some Of The Migos Rapper’s Funniest Moments

Migos rapper, Takeoff was unfortunately shot and killed on the early morning of Nov.1 in Houston, TX. Blavity reported his untimely death after a private event at a bowling alley in downtown Houston. The rapper was at 810 Billiards & Bowling when Houston police were called to respond to a shooting. According to police reports, he was shot in the head and neck and reported dead at the scene. Takeoff, whose legal name was Kirshnik Khari Ball, was 28 years old.

Before his untimely death, Takeoff released an album with fellow Migos member Quavo. The duo released Only Built for Infinity Links under the moniker Unc & Nephew. This was their first musical effort without the third Migos member, Offset.

Since its release, their new music has already received rave reviews. Many shared the sentiment that Takeoff “shined” on the project.

In previous interviews with the group, Quavo and Offset often alluded to Takeoff being the most lyrically talented of the three. His solo EP, The Last Rocket, displayed his abilities as a solo artist. The project turns 4-years-old on Nov.2.

As the group’s youngest member, Takeoff was often seen as quiet and unproblematic.

Although we were fortunate to see more of the rapper’s personality while he and Quavo made press appearances to promote new music, his unintentional humor and sarcasm were often the highlights of their interviews.

As the music world and fans share their condolences, we want to share some of the rapper’s funniest moments.

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