‘Friday’ Actress Angela Means Calls For The Narrative To Change About Her Character And Drug Addiction: ‘You Never Saw Felicia Doing Drugs’

Actress Angela Means has been solidified in pop culture with her role as “Felicia” in the 1995 classic Friday, starring Ice Cube, Chris Tucker, and the late John Witherspoon. In the film, Felica is depicted as a neighborhood pest who persistently asks to borrow random items from her neighbors. The character is the sister of Cube’s love interest portrayed by Nia Long, and is also assumed to be a drug addict. The infamous line, “Bye Felicia,” became synonymous with the character and how she was addressed in the film. The “Bye Felicia” expression has become one of the most memorable quotes from a movie. However, for Means, “Bye Felicia” has been anything but harmless.

In a recent interview with with Hype+, the actress revealed that she had been overwhelmed with mistreatment from fans due to playing the character over thirty years ago.

“To this day, I’ll see people say, ‘Bye, you dirty b***h, you f**ked up b***h, dumb b***h,’” she shared.

Recalling those harsh words brought Means to tears and now, in yet another interview, the 58-year-old actress still remains emotional over how unkind humans can be.

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