Woman Goes To The Dominican Republic For A Brazilian Butt Lift, Leaves Missing A Kidney

It’s long been said that the Brazilian butt lift is a surgical procedure that comes with many risks, but no one would suspect that they’d be in danger of having their kidney swiped in pursuit of a curvier physique.

A life coach by the name of Anita took to her YouTube channel to share the cautionary tale of her friend who traveled to the Dominican Republic for plastic surgery but ended up getting more than she bargained for.

The media has always made women feel insecure about some parts of their bodies with ads about true beauty looks. And in the last several years, a surgical procedure has hit society like wildfire as it has become the top trend for body appearance. The Brazilian butt lift (BBL) surgery gives women a flat stomach, hips, and a plump butt. To achieve this ‘coke bottle’ body that celebrities and ‘Instagram models‘ show off, women are finding surgeons overseas for a cheaper price. In many cases, paying less is a guaranteed win because dangerous consequences that arise.

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