Monaleo’s ‘I Can’t Date No YT Man’ Sound Takes Off On TikTok, And Some Users Completely Missed The Assignment

Houston-born rapper Monaleo is no stranger to viral status. Blavity previously reported that the 21-year-old’s debut single, “Beating Down Yo Block” had social media in a chokehold. And the single’s music video has now gained over 21 million views on YouTube.

Ensuring she keeps her hot streak going, Monaleo dropped the visuals for her latest single, “Faneto Freestyle.” And just like her debut, bars from the song have taken over TikTok.

TikTok Courtesy of @TheMonaleo

The “We Not Humping” artist raps, “I can’t date no white man because I’m goin’ to k*ll him if he says n***a. And I’m not playing… too much? Okay, my bad.”

The sound has almost 26,000 videos dedicated to it on the app. Even as high as it is, that number may be a little off. Monaleo said that the original video was taken down by TikTok and viewers reposted it.

TikTok user @Boujeetravels commented, “This sound going to get taken down sadly ugh.” And Monaleo replied, “it already did, lol then they put it right back up. thank u TikTok!”

Viewers’ rendition of the sound got a little interesting. While some were visibly hyped to lip-synch to the song, other clips featured interracial couples that were, frankly, cringeworthy to see.

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