Radio Host Kendra G Accuses DaniLeigh Of Trying To Have Her Removed From Interview: ‘You Ain’t Going To B. Simone Me’

Over the last few days, DaniLeigh has been trending — but not for her music. The singer and dancer is catching a lot of heat online for allegedly strong-arming situations with a few Black women behind the scenes.

Last week, rumors began to spread that DaniLeigh was to appear as a guest on a future episode of Wild ‘N Out. However, in order to appear on the episode, DaniLeigh allegedly requested that B. Simone be excluded from the episode. B. Simone, who is a longtime cast member of the show, has previously professed her adoration for DaBaby, the father of DaniLeigh’s daughter. Although the two never dated, this could still make for an awkward situation.

B.Simone addressed the validity of the rumors during a recent sit down with Tamron Hall.

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