Where Them Dollars At? Houston Strippers Say The Economy And Racism Are Ruining Business

If you look to the NASDAQ for financial advice, you may be looking in the wrong place. It seems you can tell the status of the economy in the strip clubs. Dancers say the days of customers ‘making it rain’ have halted. And they are pretty upset about the drought.

According to IBIS World, in 2021, the exotic dancing industry was the fastest growing and most profitable business industry. This includes nearly 4,000 topless and nude venues nationwide. Although Houston, TX is one of the leading cities in the industry, it seems the demand is not meeting the supply.

Journalist Isiah Carey of Houston’s FOX 26 News, welcomed two exotic dancers, Angel and Sparkle, onto his Isiah Factor Uncensored show where he spoke with them about the money trends they’re currently seeing in the club.

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