The Buddy System Isn’t Just For Kids. It’s A Tried And True Method For Safety And Security

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Many life experiences are better when you have someone that you can enjoy them with. From epic vacations to special milestones, sharing pivotal life moments is only amplified when the people that mean the most to you can experience it with you.

The concept of shared experiences can go beyond any “lituation.” It can also be translated to safety and security. Ever heard of the buddy system? It’s the concept that your legal guardian or parent taught you when navigating life with siblings or cousins. Or maybe you were introduced to the idea when that overbearing teacher wanted you to learn early accountability on a school field trip. No matter the introduction, the buddy system was put in place as a means to ensure you are never alone if things ever happen to go against the established plans.

The buddy system may bring on nostalgia, but as adults, it’s a necessary safety precaution. Check out these six tips that show why the buddy system is one of your best bets in every situation.

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