Hilarious Child Goes Viral After Giving Candid Interview Before WNBA Game

One hilarious child has become an internet sensation after giving a candid interview before a WNBA game. The viral moment happened in Chicago when a reporter posed some questions to the boy, who was standing outside of Wintrust Arena with a bunch of other kids who appeared to be his friends.

“You look like you’re here with a bunch of friends. Are these your friends?” the reporter asked.

But the boy, who was wearing a yellow Chicago Sky shirt like all the other kids, said he doesn’t know the other children standing in line with him.

“Why are you here? Do you like the Chicago Sky? It looks like you do,” the reporter said in a follow-up question.

But again, the answer was a negative.

“I have never heard of this,” the boy said.

The reporter continued to test the child.

“You never heard of Sky basketball? The women’s team? You know they won the championship, right?” she said.

Still, none of it was ringing a bell.

“No,” the boy said, adding that he now knows they won the championship, but he doesn’t “know anything else.”

When he was asked if he knows who the Sky were about to play on that day, the young man still remained clueless.

The reporter then asked the child to tell her what he’s looking forward to seeing on that day.

“The Buffet,” he answered.

Focusing back on basketball, the report promised to get the boy on the court.

“OK,” the child said when the reporter made the offer.

But he was then asked to show his 3-point shooting form.

“I don’t shoot threes,” the child answered.

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