Akron Police Release Bodycam Footage Of Fatal Incident Involving Jayland Walker

Akron police have released footage of the fatal incident involving Jayland Walker, the 25-year-old DoorDash driver who was shot and killed by officers on Monday after he allegedly tried to flee during a traffic stop. The bodycam video, released on Sunday, shows officers chasing down Walker and firing multiple shots after surrounding his car as the pursuit came to an end.

According to USA TODAY, police chief Stephen Mylett said Walker exited the car in a ski mask and appeared to reach toward his waist during a foot chase before turning toward the officers, who opened fire.  

The chief also said officers immediately attempted to provide care to Walker after the shooting stopped, but he died at the scene. 

“The video is heartbreaking, it’s hard to take in,” Mayor Daniel Horrigan said according to USA TODAY.

NAACP President Derrick Johnson also condemned the officers.

“This wasn’t self-defense, it wasn’t an accident in the heat of the moment, it was murder. Point blank,” Johnson said according to USA TODAY. “This Black man was killed – struck more than 60 times by 90 fired bullets – for a possible traffic violation. This doesn’t happen to white people in America.”

The bodycam footage showed a gun on the front seat of Walker’s car. Mylett also said the video appeared to show the flash of a gun from the car during the chase. Walker, however, was unarmed as he fled the car and ran from police, the chief said.

Mylett was asked if officers overreacted during the chase.

“It was difficult to watch, and shocking,” he said, adding that he is “not going to pass judgment” until the investigation is completed. 

As Blavity previously reported, police said the pursuit started around 12:30 a.m. on Monday after they tried to pull over Walker for a traffic infraction. Eight officers who were involved in the shooting are now placed on paid administrative leave.

Horrigan said the city’s Fourth of July celebration has been canceled following the shooting.

“I completely understand that some residents and guests will be disappointed by the decision to cancel the festival this holiday weekend. Independence Day is meant to be a celebration and a time of gathering with friends and family,” Horrigan said in a news release on Thursday. “Unfortunately, I feel strongly that this is not the time for a city-led celebration.”

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