Trevor Noah Laments One Drastic Measure Women Have To Take After Roe Repeal

Trevor Noah on Wednesday called out the “snitch” in “the war that America is waging on women’s bodies” ― their cell phones. (Watch the video below.)

In the wake of the Supreme Court’s repeal of Roe v. Wade, eliminating federal protections on abortion, women now have to worry about their phones being used against them in states where abortion is illegal.

They’re deleting period-tracking apps that could identify them as abortion seekers. They also have to worry about online search histories.

“What a shit world for women we’re living in,” “The Daily Show” host lamented.

“How are you going to search for abortion pills without Google? Why, you’re just gonna have to write a question on a piece of paper, throw it out the window and hope for the best?”

“But that’s where we are in America right now.”