What It Takes To Become A Young, Black Homeowner

June is National Homeownership Month in the United States. It’s meant to be a time when homeowners celebrate and share the value of owning a home. But for many people, this portion of the American dream seems so unattainable that its value is irrelevant.

As inflation continues to make prices soar amid a confusing housing market with pay rates remaining stagnant, many millennials and GenZers, especially those who are Black, can feel incredibly hopeless while saving money, building credit and navigating the real estate world. Especially when homeownership in the country still appears to be a white privilege, with a rate of 72.1 percent of white people being homeowners. According to, Asian and Hispanic homeownership rates have had the highest climb in the past decade, but Black homeownership rates remain under 45 percent.

So not only are young people struggling with getting ready to buy, but some are also traditionally underprivileged in this area. Since knowledge is power, Blavity sat down with realtor Terrica “the Credit Score Queen” Matthews, who has assisted more than 250 families go from renters to homeowners just over the past four years, to learn about what it takes to become a homeowner.

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