Fans Admire LeBron James’ Work Ethic After Video Of Him Defining Success Resurfaces

As LeBron James officially becomes a billionaire, marking the first time an active NBA player has achieved such a status, people are remembering the journey he took to reach the historic milestone. Some fans reflected on the superstar’s career while watching a video of 18-year-old James talking about how he handles pressure.

At the time, James was asked if he feels pressure while facing unprecedented hype and expectations as a teen.

“There’s no pressure,” the basketball star told reporters. “I’ve been facing pressure since I was 10 years old. I don’t think there’s no pressure for me because I’m doing something I love to do. That’s play the game of basketball. I’m doing the same thing y’all love to do. Y’all love to watch me play basketball.”

James was also asked to define success for himself as a rookie and in the long run.

“I never say myself,” he said. “I always say my team. It’s not about myself. It’s just about how well as a team we can grow, as a family. And just get better every single day. Because the other teams out there is getting better every day, and if we take one step backwards, we’re gonna end up like we was this year.”

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