Taylor McCowan Is Helping Struggling Women In Need With ‘Confident Girl Project’

Taylor McCowan often distributes food and other essentials to those experiencing homelessness as part of her volunteering in the local community. The 17-year-old Texan discovered that many young girls and women needed more than a helping hand; they needed every woman’s basic necessities. With a family history of volunteering for those less fortunate, it wasn’t a surprise that McCowan would take matters into her own hands.

Originally conceived as a community service project, the Confident Girl project became a success for McCowan and those in need. Soon afterward, GoFundMe would name McCowan one of their ‘GoFundMe Heroes’ for taking steps to alleviate period poverty among young girls and women. 

Here is the story behind the woman behind the Confident Girl project; a teenage girl with a heart of gold.

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