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Woman of Color Who Vape

We know that vaping is gaining popularity worldwide, but it’s hard to decide whether it’s good or not. Acceptance of vaping is one of the reasons why sales of vaping products are increasing. People of all ethnicities now embrace that vaping is the next big thing.

If you’re a woman of color or you’ve seen them doing great things in life, you should know about their life choices as well to support them. Women of color are also adapting to the new trend of vaping. Here in this article, we will tell you about six leading women of color who vape or have been vaping in the past – keep reading!

1.      Christina Milian

Christina Milian, who rose to prominence from her song ‘AM to PM‘, is a signee of Def Jam, who has always been famous for her great music. Her listeners resonate with her because of the passionate music she creates.

Turns out that she is not only famous for creating music. Over the years, she has posted several pictures on Instagram showing her passion for her vaping habit. She used to smoke in the past to keep things going. But she made the right decision to switch to vaping as it helped her save the amazing voice she has!

2.      Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams is a famous broadcaster and a media personality. Wendy has dabbled with a ton of things like Comedy and acting. She’s also famous for her business journey.

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Apart from all the things she’s done in her life, she’s also famous for her vaping controversy. She was caught vaping after she was in quarantine. She couldn’t resist the urge to vape as she left her home to have some puffs—her love for vaping caught people by surprise.

3.      Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez is a famous American actress who got attention from her movie “Girlfight.” This movie of hers made her the talk of the town and movie critics were quick to praise her for the good work she did. And who doesn’t know about her amazing role in “Fast & Furious?”

She is one of the celebrities who is known for vaping passionately. There are several photos of hers where she could be seen vaping her favorite products. Other than that, she also had a vaping product line that is no longer available.

4.      Rihanna

Who in the world doesn’t know about Rihanna? If you have a slight interest in pop culture, it’s not hard to know how her music has influenced everything over the years. Born in Barbados, she owes Evan Rogers, who discovered her and brought her to the states, but there is no doubt about her amazing talent either.

Rihanna is one of the most famous celebrities who love to vape. As per the sources, she likes vaping because it gives her access to a wide range of flavors, and she doesn’t have to worry about damaging her vocal cord either. There are so many pics of Rihanna where you can spot her vaping to her heart’s content.

As a fan of Rihanna, you should be grateful for her decision as she has chosen to please her fans by conserving her voice rather than leaving things to autotune and audio engineers! And now that she’s expecting a baby, it’s doubtful if she’d be vaping or not!

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5.      Bella Hadid

If you’re an avid reader of Vogue Magazine, you might already know a lot about Bella Hadid. Everyone recognizes her for the amazing looks and personality she has compared to apparently countless models in the fashion industry.

Bella was in the news during the last years for her vaping habit. She’s been a vaper because of the taste, feels, and charisma. The “latest” news from 2019 revealed that she has left vaping to live a healthier life. And

6.      Whoopi Goldberg

If you want to see a woman of color who has done it all in her life, then no look further than Whoopi Goldberg. Her multi-talented personality has encouraged so many people to pursue their passions in life. Along with her love of all things creative, she also loves to vape in her free time. Here is her story about how she fell in love with her vaping products.

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