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Fashion designer for Deacurves, LINDA IDEGWU

What inspired you to create Dearcurves?
Growing up my mother worked as a fashion designer and she always made really nice clothes for us to wear. I used to watch her and the employees work in the studio, sewing fabrics and marking out garments. I wanted to be a part of the fashion industry; the clothing and materials intrigued me. I had worked as a plus size model for some time and felt like this was the right time to follow my dreams and create my own plus size clothing line.

What makes you unique to other plus size brands?
The brand is about every aspect of Africa, because I am African and I love Africa. African culture inspires me, from the food to the women and what better way can you represent Africa than through fashion! I only use materials and fabrics sourced from Africa, as I feel this represents the brand. I do incorporate materials such as silk, satin and cotton for a more contemporary look on a few item, although I always remain true to the purpose of Dearcurves.

What can we expect to see next season?
We are branching out to America, as this is where a lot of our customers are based, and our range will be placed in department stores such as Macy’s. You will also see more designs and I am working on the further expansion of flattering, beautiful garments for curvy women.

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