This ‘Saturday Night Live’ Sketch Was Cut From The Latest Show But Shouldn’t Have Been

America missed a chance to see Chris Redd’s Stephen A. Smith hold forth on whether Tom Brady is exceptional or very exceptional on “Saturday Night Live” — and we’re all the worse for it.

In a sketch that was cut for time (watch it below), Redd ratchets up his impression of the ESPN star, as Michael Irvin (Kenan Thompson) tries to out-yell him and Molly Qerim (Chloe Fineman) tries to cool the room in a spoof on “First Take.” Props to Will Forte’s hyperbole-spewing blogger as well.

Ya gotta love their passion in arguing useless minutiae with sports cliches. If anyone is going to provide the answer as to whether Brady plays with a chip on his shoulder or with his back against the wall, it’s Smith.

“I meditated on it. Then I took a monthlong sabbatical,” said Redd as Smith (who was hospitalized with COVID-19 recently). “I ate, I prayed, I loved. And then I came back with an answer. And it’s indisputable that Tom Brady plays with a chip on his shoulder!”