Tucker Carlson Uses Creepiest Comparison In Gripe About Lack Of Media Diversity

Tucker Carlson on Monday turned a curious rant about the lack of diversity in the news media into an observation about teenage girls menstruating. (Watch the video below.)

On Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Carlson played a supercut of mainstream channels decrying the Jan. 6 Capitol riot as a dark day.

“For all the talk you hear of diversity, there is precisely zero diversity in our national media,” Carlson declared. “People may have different skin tones or different sexual interests ― not relevant. They are all from such similar backgrounds with such similar beliefs and values and life experiences that their gut reactions to everything have aligned into perfect synchronicity, like menstruating teenagers at summer camp.”

Carlson delivered his remarks “without a shred of self-awareness,” the Daily Beast commented. And it should also be noted that the montage was just another example of Fox News downplaying the insurrection.

But the clincher was Carlson’s awkward analogy. (Fast-forward to 11:35.):

Some people on Twitter let him have it: