Firing Upheld For Two LAPD Officers Who Played Pokémon GO Instead Of Responding To Robbery Call: ‘Aw, Screw It’

Two Los Angeles police officers have lost their jobs and their appeal after being caught playing Pokémon Go on the job.

The California Second District Court of Appeal has upheld the firing of the two Los Angeles police officers— Louis Lozano and Eric Mitchell— who were hunting for Pokémon Go characters through the Pokémon GO app instead of responding to “a 211 (robbery) in progress” call.

The appeal was rejected on Friday, affirming a lower court’s decision. The ruling ignores a previous claim by the officers that the department had used a digital in-car camera recording of the pair’s private conversations as proof of their misconduct. The ruling also rejects the police officers’ claims that a supervisor questioned them without legal representation present.

They “obviously are disappointed” in the ruling and are “considering how to proceed,” Greg Yacoubian, an officer attorney, said.

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