Fayetteville State Set To Lower In-State Tuition Rate To $500 Amid Hefty Budget Allocation

Nearly two months ago, Roy Cooper—the governor of North Carolina—announced his intent to sign a new state budget, and he followed through shortly after that. While this new budget directly impacts various initiatives, how it positively affects Fayetteville State University (FSU) has taken center stage. 

Through the new budget, Fayetteville State received nearly $152 million to put toward construction projects and repairs.

The new legislative budget added FSU to the NC Promise Tuition Plan, North Carolina’s affordable education program. As a result, students who qualify for in-state tuition will only have to pay $500 per semester, which comes out to $1,000 in annual tuition, which is well below the national average for the current school year.

Furthermore, the new budget will allow FSU employees to receive a one-time bonus and a 5% salary increase, implemented over the next two years. Altogether, this new budget provides Fayetteville State over $164 million—the university’s heftiest state budget allocation in almost four decades.

Darrell T. Allison, FSU’s twelfth chancellor, shared his excitement over the news in a video announcement.

“Today, I am most humbled and overjoyed for Fayetteville State University, Bronco nation. This support that we are receiving has been a long time coming,” Allison began. “For the first time in over 35 years, the North Carolina state budget puts Fayetteville State University in a position to make a quantum leap in educating our future leaders. This unprecedented support will assure our success for generations to come.”

“With the governor’s recent signature, Fayetteville State officially receives over $164 million of funding, which includes our school being added to the North Carolina NC Promise Tuition Plan,” he continued. “I consider it a scholarship for our students for next fall. For in-state students, all they will have to pay is $500 per semester, and out-of-state students only $2,500 per semester.”

Chancellor Allison then touched on how the HBCU will utilize some of these funds.

“This budget will allow our campus to expand in so many ways,” Allison said. “[We received] $63 million for education building, $40 million for a new dormitory, $10 million for a parking deck, [and] $40 million for renovations and repairs all throughout this campus. Again, over $164 million of funding to support FSU!”

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