5 Financial Steps To Help You Secure The Bag And Build Generational Wealth In 2022

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The past two years have been anything but certain. We’ve been hit with a whole pandemic, seen kings and queens gone too soon, felt the tide change with Black Lives Matter (thank you to those at the forefront), sworn in the first Black female Vice President (shout out to Howard), stood back and watched a riot at the nation’s capital, and witnessed Ye and Drake squash their beef.

If anything, we’ve been reminded that change is the only constant.

While we can’t stop change from happening, we can bake it into the decisions we make, especially around our finances. 

Some of us are blessed to work at a company that is hiring, promoting and giving raises/bonuses during COVID. Meanwhile, the rest of us may have relied on Moneybagg Joe to provide financial relief to cushion the blow from job losses or furloughs. 

Whether we fall in the employed or unemployed bucket, more can and should be done when it comes to hiring/developing diverse talent, eliminating pay disparities, creating pathways to the c-suite and doing business with diverse vendors to decrease the racial wealth gap.

In the meantime, we can do our part to secure the bag and break generational wealth curses.

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