Heartwarming Video Shows New York Teacher Celebrate Her Student Being Accepted to Princeton University

In a heartwarming video posted by Because of Them We Can, a New York teacher’s response when her student says she was accepted into Princeton University is sending people in the feelings.

The video starts with the caption, “this is why I teach,” as Benjamin N. Cardozo High School students enter into their classroom, giving morning salutations to English teacher Phoebe Eligon-Jones.

One student, identified as Kamaula, slowly walks over to Jones’ desk as the teacher busily looks over papers on her desk.

“How are you doing?” Jones asks.

“Ok,” Kamaula nonchalantly responds.

“Just ok? Are you with me this morning,” the English teacher says before adding “Oh, you just came to say hi? Hi.”

Kamaula then stands in silence for a few minutes, building suspense, causing Jones to glance in her direction.

Kamaula then drops the happy news that she was accepted into Princeton, and as the video describes, Jones lets out a “crazy teacher shriek.”

She then runs towards her student for an embrace.

“I got Princeton! You’re my first Princeton, and you’re a Black girl!” she says in celebration.

Jones continues her exclamation while clapping her hands and does a little happy dance. Kamaula joins in the joyful moment and makes a heart shape with her hands.

Instagram users posted their support and blessings to the teacher and her student.

“👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 Awesome congratulations! Don’t even know her but still so SUPER proud🙌🏾,” one person wrote.

“My eyes aren’t leaking,” another shared.

Jones is active on social media and shares content around being a teacher. According to her Instagram page, she’s a 20-year teacher veteran and is dedicated to educating students. 

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