TracFlo, HBCU Start-Up Business, Receives $1 Million From Serena Williams And Michael B Jordan

TracFlo, an NYC-based tech company, recently won a startup pitch competition as part of the inaugural Invesco QQQ Legacy Classic HBCU men’s basketball event sponsored by Amazon’s Black Business Accelerator and Audible. 

During the inaugural Invesco QQQ Legacy Classic at the Prudential Center, Serena Williams and Micheal B. Jordan donated $1 million to one HBCU student, Khalid David, the winner of the pitch competition.

“We see a lot of venture companies investing in a lot of people, but it’s really just about following people of color and women and giving them the same opportunities,” Williams said on TNT. 

Tracflo has created a construction industry management app and financial tool to help construction workers and contractors manage potential project risk. David took to TracFlo’s Twitter to celebrate the company’s accomplishment and also thank his alma mater.

“We did it!!!” he wrote. “Thank you, Morehouse, for starting my education journey. Thank you, Serena venture and Mac Venture, for making this all possible. Here’s to many more accomplishments in the new year.” 

Through their ventures companies, Serena Ventures, and Jordan’s MaC Venture Capital, Williams and Jordan invested. NBA player Kevin Durant’s Thirty-Five Ventures also played as an advisor during the pitch competition.

“Ventures is one thing I’m incredibly passionate about. I learned that less than 2% of women in 2020 were getting funded, and then 1.2% of people of color were getting money from VC founders—and we’re talking tons of money are all going to one type of individual,” Williams said.“So, it’s not a requirement for you to be a woman or person of color, but the team that we’ve hired—our whole team, we just look at people in a different way.”

Another memorable moment at the QQQ Legacy Classic HBCU Men’s basketball event was the dunk contest where Los Angeles native Tyler Currie won $50,000 in the Bleacher Report Dunk Contest for Howard University. 

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