Kevin Durant Had A Very Straightforward Response For Sports Analyst Skip Bayless Who Shaded LeBron James In A Backhanded Compliment

Hoop fans witnessed star forward Kevin Durant lead the Brooklyn Nets to a forced overtime win against the Toronto Raptors on Tuesday at Barclays Center. The Nets beat the Raptors 131-129 despite being down seven players including James Harden due to COVID-19 safety protocols, ESPN reported

Durant played 51 minutes and scored a triple-double after being upgraded from questionable for ankle soreness hours before the game.

“We had to debate Kevin’s situation. Obviously, we’re talking about a franchise player; we don’t want to risk it,” head coach Steve Nash said. “So we’re probably more cautious than he is. But he really wanted to play, and so that was it.”

But Durant pulled through any discomfort and clinched his 14th triple-double of his career, NBC Sports reported. That achievement earned Durant much celebration as a franchise player, and commentator Skip Bayless took notice.

The FOX Sports Undisputed co-host took to Twitter acknowledging Durant’s victory saying, “The Best Player on the Planet was at it again tonight in Brooklyn, going assassin in overtime for the COVID-rocked Nets.”

“Nothing like Kevin Durant. You watch, Bron?” he added.

Bayless, who has a history of criticizing LeBron James, was dismissed by Durant with a straightforward response—”I really don’t like u.”

Bayless continued his commentary on the game and praising Durant who appeared to be unmoved by the sports analyst’s backhanded compliment. 

“Steve Nash just said forfeiting was an option tonight because they wouldn’t have enough bodies,” Bayless wrote. “Kevin Durant was iffy on a bad ankle. But KD insisted on playing, played 48 minutes (sometimes with 4 rookies) and Nets won in OT. Best record in East by 2.5 games! KD MVP!!!”

Bayless said that while he doesn’t hate the 36-year-old Laker, he will never be as good as Michael Jordan who he said he has to often defend, according to Awesemo.

“I do think LeBron is a nice guy. In fact, I hate the perception that I hate LeBron James. Nothing galls me more than that perception. Because I do not hate LeBron. I do think he’s one of the nicest guys in sports history,” he added. “Because I sit across from a guy, Shannon Sharpe, who believes heart and soul that LeBron is the goat the greatest of all time and that’s just blasphemy.”

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