Merchandise From Ye And Drake’s Larry Hoover Concert Is Not For Charity, Source Says

A representative for Ye and Drake has cleared up questions about the merchandise worn by the artists during the Free Larry Hoover concert. The representative released a statement to GQ to clarify that the merchandise is not intended to be used for charity.

According to the source, proceeds from ticket sales for the concert benefit several criminal justice reform groups, but revenue from merchandise sales is not being earmarked for charity. The rep didn’t clarify where the profit from the merchandise will go. 

As Blavity previously reported, Drake and Ye came together in Los Angeles on Thursday to perform at the Larry Hoover concert, named for the former Chicago gang member who is serving multiple life sentences in Colorado after being convicted of murder in 1973. The concert aimed to advocate for reform and advocacy groups such as Hustle 2.0, Ex-Cons for Community and Social Change and Uptown People’s Law Center, 

Some of the items from the concert, featured on Amazon, include a $200 hoodie, a $360 jumpsuit, a $100 T-shirt and $400 jeans. 

The federal government condemned Drake and Ye for supporting Hoover. One federal law enforcement source spoke to TMZ, saying prosecutors are surprised by the artists’ decision.

Hoover’s supporters said the crime doesn’t fit the punishment because the accusations were related to drug distribution, not murder. 

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