7 Dream Destinations To Consider This Holiday Season

All we want for Christmas is a vacation. While Mariah Carey might say otherwise, we’re sticking to our guns. Since 2020, we’ve been collectively entrenched in a raging pandemic with severe ebbs and flows and as a result, many of us are burnt out. A survey, released earlier this year from Indeed, found that 52% of respondents are feeling burnt out from their professional roles. With COVID cases on the rise in various pockets of the world, including an entirely new variant, it’s pretty safe to say that the stress is real. What do you do to relieve stress? At Blavity News, we’re all about exercising self-care and what better way to do so than to vacation (safely)? While COVID is still having an impact on travel plans, we can still dream, right?

With the holiday season in full effect, we’ve decided to curate a list of dream vacation destinations that can cure all of our pandemic blues.

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