Young Dolph’s Partner, Mia Jaye’s ‘Black Men Deserve To Grow Old’ Campaign Sees Major Boost In Sales

Following the tragic death of Memphis rapper Young Dolph, his partner Mia Jaye is seeing a significant boost in sales for her “Black Men Deserve to Grow Old” campaign. Jaye started the business after going through the loss of her brother, but following the death of her partner, its message has catapulted.

TMZ reports Momeo, Jaye’s business, revealed that the site’s traffic has grown exponentially over the last few days, going from roughly 20 orders a day to 250 to 600.

The bump in sales is likely due to a new item offered on the site— a Black Men Deserve to Grow Old hoodie featuring a photo of the late rapper on the front. Momeo is now using the extra money from the new sales to support the campaign. The rep tells the outlet that they are raising funds to support the families of gun violence victims, adding that the money accrued so far has helped them reach their goals.

Momeo had a goal of 3,000 sales before the end of the year, but thanks to the new merchandise, the brand is on par to reach that goal within the next week, according to TMZ. The purpose of her business, according to ABC 24, is to  “work towards a future where black families do not have to lose their brothers, sons or father figures ever again from violent crime.” 

Following the rapper’s untimely passing, which took place last week as he was visiting a community staple, Jaye’s business made the announcement that she would be stepping away from the business for a while as she continues to grieve the loss of her loved one.

“Adolph Thornton, Jr. was a highly talented individual with a heart of pure gold and who loved his family more than words will describe,” the Instagram account wrote in a post. ”Black men deserve to grow old. This statement rings true now more than ever. With the growing mortality rate of African American men in America, it’s important we stay together in solidarity and choose love instead of hate.”

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