Dr. Frederick D. Haynes to Travel to Georgia to Support Arbery Family

Black pastors from across the country plan to travel to Brunswick, Georgia in support of Ahmaud Arbery’s family.

The comments about Black pastors made by Kevin Gough, an attorney representing William “Roddie” Bryan, one of the men accused of murdering Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia, left many people angry, from the Arbery family to Black pastors across the country.

Now, many of them are planning to travel to the state next week to show support for both the faith community and the Arberys.

Dr. Frederick D. Haynes, senior pastor of Friendship-West Baptist Church who will make the trip, joins Yodit Tewolde on “Making the Case” to discuss why is it important for religious leaders to show their support to the Arbery family.

All this and more on “Making the Case.”

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