Chicago Designer Don C Unveils New Streetwear Collab With Foot Locker

Last week, Foot Locker announced the launch of All City by Just Don. The lifestyle collection created with cultural vanguard Don C is rooted in basketball and sneaker culture, inspired by the spirit of his Chicago community.

“Now that I do have my foot in the door, I do want to deliver things that more people can participate and enjoy that come from where I’m from.” Don C tells BlavityU during his recent Foot Locker summit in Chicago.

Don C has had his hand in the culture for decades as a music executive, fashion designer, sneaker collaborator, and brand storyteller. The Chicago designer worked on the All City collection for over a year and shared he “has multiple drops” in the woodworks for the upcoming seasons that are specifically “embedded sneaker culture.”

“Sneaker culture to me is the foundation of our culture, and for most people, that foundation was Foot Locker, that was the destination,” says Don C.

The All City by Just Don Fall 2021 collection merges luxury fabrics and modern streetwear with a vintage aesthetic. The first drop features hoodies, t-shirts, mesh shorts, and matching tracksuits. Don C is known for his premium price point, but now the Chicago community can shop at Foot Locker to cop his latest apparel ranging from $55 to $150.

Having his luxury streetwear line and multiple brand collaborations, Don C acknowledges that bringing his brand back to Chicago with Foot Locker was the best choice.

“I’ve traveled the world; I feel like my work can be amplified and appreciated more, penetrate more in Chicago. These are my people; If I start here, it goes global,” he said. “Footlocker is one of those authentic heritage brands they’ve been around, and my first Jordan’s came from Foot Locker. I’m privileged to work with such an iconic brand.”

The Chicago designer has always encouraged individualism in his community through his unique pieces, style, and ideals, especially in the lane of fashion, where “too many people look the same.” He understands the next fashion generation is here and states he wants to help “guide them because the streets have always dictated what’s going on in fashion.”

All City by Just Don represents the latest accessible collection that continues to power the controlled brand strategy at Foot Locker.

“Like Foot Locker, Don C is deeply committed to the young, diverse communities we serve,” said Bryon Milburn, Senior Vice President, General Manager, Foot Locker. “He is at the forefront of modern culture and fashion, and by lending his taste, care, and craft to the All City by Just Don line at Foot Locker, we’re able to further connect to the next generation of streetwear enthusiasts.”

In June 2020, Foot Locker announced its new Leading Education & Economic Development (LEED) initiative, a $200 million five-year commitment to support the Black community through economic development and education.

“I’m excited to partner with Foot Locker in the creation of All City. Their proactive commitment to lifting the Black community is something I wanted to be a part of,” explained Don C. “With everything I’ve ever created, my inspiration has been from the Chicago neighborhoods I grew up in. As a designer, I want to lead the conversation and push the boundaries where my story intersects with fashion, travel, and the real people who inspire me every day.”

All City by Just Don is an inclusive and affordable streetwear line for all people, genders, and cities. Exclusive drops are available online and at selected Foot Locker locations across the United States and Canada.

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