Professor Saweetie Returns To USC To Teach A Business Class On Entrepreneurship

The icy queen Saweetie brought her teaching skills to another classroom.

Last week, the University of Southern California alumni returned to her alma mater to speak with the students about her entrepreneurship. The “Bestfriend” rapper had a full-circle moment teaching alongside her old Professor Albert Napoli, whom she calls an influential person that supported her music career. The rapper studied and graduated from USC with a Bachelor’s degree in business in 2016.

On Twitter, journalist Tomas Mier shared Saweetie gave the class lessons on empathy, storytelling, and meditation writing, “Students in a USC entrepreneurship class had a special guest today: Saweetie! She talked about the power of empathy, storytelling, and meditation,” tweeted Mier.

In 2019, Napoli spoke about his former student-turned superstar with high regard. “I saw in her the drive and focus that entrepreneurs have. She had this passion, this drive. I knew exactly what kind of direction she needed,” said Napoli. “I see a lot of dreamers and not a lot of doers. Diamonté is definitely a doer.”

Saweetie knows precisely what it means to be “self-made,” sharing with the students that she gets her mindset from her parents being “hustlers.”

Saweetie and her team secure checks, deals and make attention-grabbing content for each new business venture. The Bay Area rapper is the captain of her entrepreneurship and is seemingly headed in the right direction.

With a list full of businesses and collaborations under her belt — having her own edge control, nail polish, McDonald’s branding deal, being a MAC Ambassador, creating online courses under her ICY University along with her PrettyLittleThing collaboration — she is a walking business model for young people to study and the perfect guest for Professor Napoli’s class.

After accumulating a net worth of over five million dollars in her professional career, it’s safe to say Saweetie knows what it takes to get to the bag.

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