Ohio Teen Audreona Barnes Has Been Missing For Nearly 3 Months

A family in Warrensville Heights, Ohio, is desperately searching for Audreona Barnes, a 19-year-old woman who has been missing for months. Barnes’ mother, Akua Avegnon, said she hasn’t talked to her daughter since July 30, WOIO reports.

On that day, Barnes was planning to return home after spending time outside at a gathering with her family in the evening. Avegnon, however, said her daughter didn’t come back home that night. 

Warrensville Heights Detective Gregory Curry said Barnes sent a text to her mother’s boyfriend that night, saying, “Hey, can you come pick me up at a gas station?”

“The problem is where she was staying at, at Warner Road and Cleveland, there is no gas station on that street,” Curry said, according to WOIO. 

Barnes, who plans to join the Army, met with recruiters around the time of her disappearance. 

“I know that speaking with the recruiters, they picked her up at the boyfriend’s house in Cleveland,” Curry said. “They then dropped her back off there. They just don’t know if she went back into the apartment or if she walked away.”

The detective adds that he tried to go to the boyfriend’s home and talk to him, but wasn’t able to have a conversation.

“My partner and I walked up introduced ourselves to him and he blew up on us. ‘I hate the police,’ called us all kind of names. Basically, he was attacking my partner,” Curry said. “He eventually asked for an attorney and just walked away and went into his building.” 

The family said the missing woman’s social media accounts were active on the day she disappeared, but her phone has been turned off since then.

“This is very much unlike her,” Avegnon said. “She doesn’t have anything. Her shoes are at home. All of her clothes are at home. She had no money, so where did she go.”

Curry said there’s no evidence of foul play right now, but he’s not ruling out the possibility. 

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