Miami Chief Art Acevedo Expected To Be Fired After Suspension

As conversations about police reform intensifies across the country, the city of Miami is poised to make a change from the top by getting rid of its police chief.

Once called the Tom Brady or Michael Jordan of police chiefs, Chief Art Acevedo has only been on the job for six months. He was recruited after being Houston’s top law enforcement officer for four years, achieving national prominence as a progressive.

BNC’s Stephanie Bertini says when he joined the Miami department, it was clear Acevedo was there to change things, but now Mayor Francis Suarez and other city officials are saying he’s “not a good fit.” Bertini says the chief wrote a letter to the mayor in September, accusing three city commissioners of interfering in an investigation in police work.

It’s also been widely reported that he previously said “the Cuban mafia runs the Miami Police Department,” but later apologized. BNC legal contributor Paul Henderson joins Yodit Tewolde on “Making the Case” to discuss all things police reform and Acevedo’s future.

All this and more on “Making the Case.”

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