Marie Rattigan Turns Negative Police Experience Into Positive One

There is an inspiring story about a court intern who had a bad encounter with police and turned it into a career in criminal justice.

When Marie Rattigan was 13 years old in Broward County, Florida, she was arrested and charged with resisting arrest without violence. She was held in the back of a police car after an incident on a school bus involving other children that she had nothing to do with.

Her family hired an attorney who told her to take a plea deal, but she refused because she didn’t do anything wrong. The case was eventually dropped a couple of months later in 2009, and Rattigan decided to turn a negative into a positive. She has earned a master’s degree and plans to go to law school to change the criminal justice system. Also, the 25-year-old is interning for Florida’s youngest Black woman judge, Tiffany Baker.

Rattigan joins Sharon Reed on “Making the Case” to talk about her story.

All this and more on “Making the Case.”

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