Husband, With Aid Of Hospital Staff, Surprises ICU Patient With Vow Renewal Ceremony

Collette Hurd, an ICU patient at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, received the surprise of a lifetime from her medical team. Because of Them We Can reports Hurd was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension last year, but as her 20th wedding anniversary approached, the staff and her husband created a plan to gift her with a special vow renewal ceremony.

According to People, the ceremony was something special to witness. Nurses dressed Hurd in a white robe with the word “Bride” on the back and paired the gown with some blue butterfly stickers for her shoes. They toasted to the occasion with sparkling grape juice. 

Hurd was admitted to the hospital in May 2021 as she awaits a double-lung and double-kidney transplant. Since her hospital stay, she’s grown a close relationship with her caretakers.

“Collette is a wonderful human. [She] knows when you’re having a rough day. She said to me, whenever she goes for a walk, she walks past patient rooms and prays for each one of them,” ICU staff member Kari Brouwer said. “She also prays for the nurses and rehab staff. Having Collette in the ICU is such a bright light, and she rubs off on everyone she meets. She renews your hope, helps you continue with your day, and reminds you why you got into health care in the first place.”

Another ICU staff member, Carey McGarvey, described Hurd as “genuine, truly cares, and gives you a nice ‘hanging out with a friend’ kind of feeling.” 

“Even in an ICU setting, every day, Collette wakes up with a smile on her face,” McGarvey said. 

Hurd’s physical therapist, Megan Burwell, said she’s found much inspiration through her patient, adding that the bride is “a shining light.” 

“A lot of these patients don’t have visitors or family, so we’re all they have as far as physical contact and support. It’s been rewarding but also sad. These are parents, brothers, sisters. All we can do is be there for them as best as we can,” Burwell told People.

“Collette is a shining light — she loves butterflies, so in my mind, she’s my butterfly. That’s not to say there aren’t hard days because she’s been here for quite some time, but she remains so positive — even after a bad day. Her personality and heart are contagious,” she added.

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