Young Couple Believed To Have Made Suicide Pact At Florida Gun Range

Holly Hill police in Florida revealed more insight into the alleged suicide pact shooting that took place last week, killing one woman and leaving a man injured. Officials identified the two victims as Ayadilis Chalas, 21, and Alec Matthew Almanzar, 23. The couple reportedly lived together in Ormond Beach, according to WESH 2. 

Chalas and Almanzar entered the Hot Shot gun range at 5 p.m. and rented a 9mm. The Orlando Sentinel reports video footage shows the two briefly exchanging some kisses and hugs while looking at each other face to face before Almanzar points the gun at Chalas’ head and pulls the trigger.

The gun didn’t fire on the first shot and police say they both flinched when the gun didn’t go off. That’s when Almanzar racked the slide, chambered the round and fired a test shot at the target. In the meantime, Chalas checked their surrounding to make sure nobody noticed what happened. He then placed the gun at Chalas’ left temple and fired again. The two collapsed on the floor.

Police said the shooting looked to be a premeditated. 

“Chalas and Almanzar again stood face to face, gave each other a few kisses and then placed their heads next to each other. Almanzar again placed the firearm against Chalas’ left temple and fired a single round into the side of Chalas’ head. The round went through Chalas’ head and then entered into the right side of Almanzar’s head,” the police said in a statement. 

“This incident appears to be a mutually agreed upon suicide pact between the two individuals,” police spokesperson Lt. Christopher Yates, said. The couple “attempted to end their lives together with one single shot of the firearm.”

Chalas was pronounced dead on the scene, but News Daytona Beach reports, Almanzar was still unconscious when first responders arrived on the scene. He was taken to Halifax Health where he underwent emergency surgery. He remains sedated in the hospital. 

This isn’t the first suicide at the Holly Hills gun range. According to the Daytona Beach News-Journal, a similar situation happened in 2019 when a man rented a gun at the range and proceeded to fatally shoot himself in the head. 

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