Orlando Brown Releases New Song About Overcoming Addiction

Orlando Brown shared a new music video revealing he’s no longer addicted to drugs and has chosen to follow a new path that’s led him to the church. 

“Got so sick and tired of doing my thing, Jesus saved me that’s the reason I sing,” he raps in the song while wearing a jacket that reads “The Lord Is My Shepard.”

“I was out in the cold something covered protected held me close,” he continues.

His battle with drug addiction was made known on social media. People reports he’d been hit with multiple DUI charges as well as arrest warrants for domestic violence against a spouse and meth possession before seeking help through Dr. Phil’s intervention program In 2018. 

Fans sounded off on social media, congratulating the former child actor for changing his life around and spreading a new message of hope with his music. 

 “Even if no one else notices, I’m really proud of Orlando Brown. He overcame his addiction and really turned his life around,” one user wrote. 

Someone else chimed in, saying how happy they were to see “he’s still doing well in a better place than he was.”

“Love to see it! A lot of people was making fun out of him when he really needed help. He was crying out for help right In front of our eyes, BUT GOD! God can bring you from your lowest to your highest. A rock at the bottom, I’m happy for Orlando Brown,” another person said.

Brown briefly opened up about his journey in a short video shared on Twitter by pastor Rey Sandoval in September of last year. He admitted to “experimenting” with meth and weed and having an addiction. He went on to say how his fiance introduced him to the church and he’d since turned his life around. 

The church offers a free six-month, in-patient program that offers to help those struggling with issues pertaining to drugs and alcohol, depression, homelessness, anxiety and suicidal thoughts. Brown was scheduled to graduate last November. 

“My fiancée told me about this place and when I came it was amazing,” he shared in the video. “I had a blast. These brothers accepted me for who I am. Church is lovely. All the leaders are brilliant, their geniuses and men of God.”

While he previously said he’s not ready to engage in any major interviews yet, he told The Christian Post he’s doing much better nowadays and has great plans for his future and his family. 

“It’s definitely been a great process,” he told the outlet in September 2020. “I can tell you that I’m OK. I’m alive. I was in an unsafe position and it has been shaky but at the end of the day all I can tell you is I’m OK and I’m graduating and I will be getting married.”

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