Biden’s New Spending Plan Cuts HBCU Funding By $43 Billion

For decades, HBCUs have been underfunded through a lack of state and government support. 

HBCUs that had hoped to receive $45 billion in funding as part of President Joe Biden‘s multi-trillion spending plan, may instead receive a mere $2 billion instead due to Democratic infighting reports the Associated Press.

Initially, the $3.5 trillion spending bill was set to include $45 billion in spending for HBCUs and other minority-serving institutions. However, the latest decision on the bill will divide $2 billion for educational programs and HBCUsIt doesn’t stop there.

The allocated funding could possibly be reduced into competitive grant funding instead of direct funding to the institutions, which would negatively impact smaller, private, or even lesser-known schools that already struggle to upgrade their campuses and programs.

President Biden is already facing backlash on social media from Americans who feel they propelled him into the White House, while the other side of the fence defends the Democratic elect’s recent budget cut news “lies” and “propaganda.”

Kevin Cosby, president of Simmons College of Kentucky in Louisville, does not believe that the bill should be expanded to include other minority-serving institutions.

“To mix them with minority-serving institutions, which are not historic institutions that do not have the legacy of historic discrimination, is not right,” Cosby told the Associated Press. “Historically Black Colleges and Universities should be separated as a protected class of institutions because, like the Black community, our experience in the United States of America is a unique experience.”

The anticipated $2 billion aid to HBCUs is planned to be distributed between 2022 and 2026. 

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