B. Simone Dragged For Charging Fans $10 To Be Added To Her Instagram Close Friends List

B. Simone’s latest move seems to have caused some major blowback on social media. The Wild N’ Out comedian is fielding criticism for charging her followers $10 to gain access to her close friends on Instagram. Ahead of her upcoming trip to Mexico, B. Simone announced she would posting exclusive access to footage from her vacation with friends. 

“VIP ONLY. If you aren’t on my close friends you are truly missing out!” she said in an Instagram video. “I’m heading to Mexico in two days you don’t wanna miss this! All my vacation footage be on my close friends. LINK IN BIO! You will be added within 48 hours. Good luck.”

The move quickly gained attention as many accused the comedian of “scamming” her audience. Social media users also criticized paying fans looking to be added to her “VIP” group for a week’s worth of content. Aside from those offering to resell screen recorded content, many were skeptical if the vacation videos would be worth the investment.

“B. Simone seems like a really annoying person to be around, in any setting, even virtually. Her voice, her presence, her imbecilic utterances. I don’t feel bad about saying this because she’s finessed people before with that pamphlet. If you buy this you’re an idiot,” a user tweeted.

“B. Simone charging $10 for folks to be added to her close friends on Instagram just to hear her talk in the key of annoying?” someone else added.

According to Yahoo News, the comedian clapped back at those criticizing her deal, jumping into the comment section of The Neighborhood Talk’s post. 

“It’s 1.40$ a day relax,” she said. “And 3000 plus people (and counting) seem to want this content ! If you don’t want to be on my close friends them I’m not talking to you [shrug emoji] see you 3k people in Mexico.”

While some called her out for the surprising cash grab, others congratulated her for capitalizing off of the easy flow of income.

“Y’all can say what you want about B. Simone but 3,000 ppl paid to watch her close friends for a week. Easy Money!” someone wrote on Twitter.

Access to B. Simone’s close friends list has closed, she announced in her Instagram bio. The comedian shared another video, thanking everyone for jumping on board and teasing what’s to come of the “close friends show” on Thursday. 

“Y’all like the show intro??? I’m on the run! Come with me to Mexico,” she wrote in the caption. “We getting the jet sorry if you didn’t make the cut maybe next trip.”

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