Woman Identifies Herself As Brittany Renee Williams, 7-Year-Old Who Went Missing 20 Years Ago

A woman identifying herself as Brittany Renee Williams, the 7-year-old girl who went missing in Virginia 21 years ago, has come forward saying she has the DNA proof to confirm her identity. Now located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, she goes by the name Kaylynn Stevenson, NBC 12 reports.

Prior to her disappearance in 2000, she was staying with an independent foster parent, Kim Parker, where she was being treated for AIDS. After she vanished, a police search ensued, but to no avail. Officials assumed Williams to be dead, considering the young girl was without her AIDS medication. 

The independent foster home, Rainbow Kids, where Williams was housed during her young life, had as many as 50 children with severe medical issues or developmental disabilities.

“The room I used to be in was like a pastel-pink type room,” Williams said. “I will always remember this one little boy who was in a wheelchair. He was non-verbal. He was a sweetheart.”

According to Insider, authorities were concerned over the children left in Parker’s care. Lt. Kevin Howdyshell, a cold case detective in Henrico, Virginia, told WWBT that there were many calls expressing “concern of potential neglect, concern of potential maltreatment of some of the children,” at Rainbow Kids. 

Parker told police that she sent Williams to stay with two women in California, but officials said that wasn’t true. Parker was arrested and indicted on 73 counts of fraud for allegedly taking $24,000 in government benefits intended for Williams. She took a plea deal and did 10 years behind bars.

Williams was located in Ohio, where she stayed with her adoptive parents for several years and received a new name. 

“You all weren’t looking in the right state,” Williams said of the search. 

Upon doing her research, Williams came across the missing person case of a person with an uncanny resemblance. She described herself as having similar scars across her body like the ones mentioned in the missing person’s description. 

“And Brittany Renee Williams’ photo popped up,” Williams told NBC 12. “I woke my wife up out of her sleep and was like, ‘This is me! I know me when I see me. This is me!’”

“From the hairline to the ears, to the smile, to the chin,” Williams’ wife, Ladajah Kelly, said. “Even the mole on her neck… I started putting the pieces together that that was really her.”

She was later put in touch with Anastasia McElroy, the first daughter of the late Rose Marie Thompson. A DNA test revealed the two women had a 95.83% chance of being half-sisters. Even with all of the similarities and proof, Williams said there are still some unanswered questions.  

Williams said her birth certificate, adoption records and medical history don’t add up. She said she doesn’t have AIDS and added that she hasn’t had access to all of her adoption paperwork, but maintains “blood does not lie and a DNA test does not lie at all.”

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