Daniel Robinson, Missing Black Geologist, Sent Alarming Text Messages To Woman Moments Before Disappearing, Police Say

An exclusive report by the Daily Mail reveals that Daniel Robinson, a missing 24-year-old Black geologist, sent desperate text messages to a woman he barely knew.

Robinson is accused of popping up at the home of a woman only identified as Katelyn and sending alarming text messages just before his disappearance in Arizona.

“The world can get better, but I’ll have to take all the time I can or we can, whatever, to name it,” Robinson wrote to the woman.

Robinson was last seen on June 23 at work at a remote Arizona desert worksite. The South Carolina native left just 15 minutes after arriving at the site. His car was found almost a month after he was last seen at the bottom of a 20-foot ravine.

The car had been badly damaged and the airbags were deployed, the Independent reported.

According to the Daily Mail, Robinson met Katelyn while working a side job dropping off an alcohol order at her house. Katelyn, who said she and her friends were “drunk,” invited the 24-year-old inside of her house.

She added that “looking back on it, she shouldn’t have invited a stranger into her home,” police reports stated. Katelyn said she felt inclined to invite Robinson into her home because he was “very nice” and thought he was “harmless as he only had one arm and was short in height.”

The two exchanged numbers before Robinson was accused of showing up at her house unannounced.

“I couldn’t stop thinking about you,” the geologist wrote.

In June, just three days before he went missing, Robinson had also sent Katelyn a message that read, “I love you.”

“Honestly you showing up at my house unannounced made me extremely uncomfortable,” she wrote. “I don’t see us hanging out any time soon.”

The two continued to exchange text messages with Robinson asking if she hated him.

Police later informed Katelyn of stalker laws and advise her to file an official complaint.

Before his disappearance, coworker Roger Prutsman said he became concerned about Robinson and added that the two had a conversation.

“What if there was a girl you liked, but you couldn’t have,” Robinson was quoted as saying during his conversation with Prutsman.

Police and Robinson’s family continue to search for the missing 24-year-old as the media and community plead for more attention on missing people of color. 

“We are committed to finding Daniel Robinson, Our investigators are working tirelessly to find answers and bring closure to Daniel’s loved ones,” Police Chief Larry Hall said in a statement. 

Calls for attention to Robinson’s case were amplified after the discovery of Gabby Petito’s body. Petito was reported missing after a trip with her significant other. The missing person case caught national attention which sparked demands for better handling of cases involving Black people.  

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