TikToker Envisions What Led To Intro Of Aaliyah’s ‘4 Page Letter,’ Missy Elliott Says They’re Just About Right

Now that Aaliyah‘s music has finally made its way to streaming platforms, Missy Elliott is sharing the background story behind one of the artist’s biggest hits, “4 Page Letter.”

The intro of the single is getting some attention as younger audiences have been introduced to the Romeo Must Die star’s music. The late singer famously starts the tune by asking the producer to turn her volume up while she’s in the booth. The song, which was produced by Timbaland and Elliott and was originally released in 1996, peaked at No. 12 on the Billboard charts that year, according to People.

A TikToker, impressed by the song, went viral on social media after re-enacting an imagined scenario of Aaliyah in the booth recording the song. The video eventually got Elliott’s attention, as some asked her if there was any truth to the tale.  

“Fun fact when I was in the booth singing this my engineer had the music too low so I was telling him to turn it up but Aaliyah thought I meant to do it so she sung it like I did on the demo but it was a mistake but she loved it so we kept it like that,” she tweeted in response.

“And since Babygirl loved the mistake I told Jimmy the engineer to keep raising the music on the track everytime she say turn it up so it would make sense to the listeners so y’all wouldn’t think we was crazy. This skit is damn near what happened tho [sic],” she continued. 

Aaliyah’s second studio album One in a Million landed on streaming services in August, which was also the 20 year anniversary of her tragic death. The “Rock the Boat” singer died in a plane crash on Aug. 25, 2021.

Elliott celebrated the arrival of the album, sharing on social media how elated she felt still seeing the star’s impact after so many years. 

“Babygirl All these years your IMPACT is still felt & your INFLUENCE is seen EVERYWHERE! So many are still CAPTIVATED by your SOUND & STYLE! It’s BEAUTIFUL to see a new generation become fans of your ART & love YOUR HEART,” she wrote. 

“We Love you & May your spirit live on 4EVER,” she said. 

The singer’s music comes to streaming platforms after a years-long battle between Aaliyah’s estate and her manager/uncle Barry Hankerson over her music catalog. Hankerson announced that he would be relaunching his former label Blackground records with a new name and had closed a deal with streaming services to release not only her music but all of Blackground’s major projects, Vibe reports. Tank, Toni Braxton and JoJo’s original albums were also re-released. 

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