5 Troubling Missteps In The Biden Administration’s Response To Haiti’s Crises

The people of Haiti, who are no strangers to dealing with political crises and natural disasters, are currently in the midst of recovering from both.

As Blavity previously reported, the country’s political system and society were rocked by the assassination of President Jovenel Moise in July, sending the country into political turmoil amid leadership struggles and various factions attempting to fill the vacuum left by a government in disarray. The country’s situation has been made much more precarious by last month’s major earthquake, which killed over 1,400 people and left high levels of devastation in a country still recovering from a devastating quake in 2010.

Amid the chaos, the United States has played a key role in determining the international response to the developing situation in Haiti. Given the close proximity of the U.S. to Haiti and its history of involvement in the island nation’s affairs, American policy has a huge impact on Haiti.

While President Joe Biden has wisely limited American interference in Haiti during this time of crisis, several recent moves taken by the Biden administration have drawn heavy criticism from Americans across the political spectrum as well as from Haitians, who are understandably wary of continued American intervention.

Here is what you need to know about five recent missteps in the Biden administration’s policies toward Haiti:

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