California Dad’s Post About Taking His Little Girl To The Women’s Bathroom Goes Viral

Muhammed Nitoto, a parenting blogger, is receiving praise after a post about protecting his baby daughter by taking her to women’s public restrooms. The “Chronicles of Daddy” blogger recently shared his thoughts on Instagram when he posted a photo of himself and another of his two daughters entering a public restroom.

“As a dad being out with daughters, I never thought the bathroom would become as big as a issue as it is,” Nitoto wrote. “Usually we would go places, and they have FAMILY bathroom, which are meant for people with children, but what I found was most places don’t have them, and dads are left to decide between taking their daughters to the men’s bathroom or the women’s.”

Disgusted by the thought of taking his little girl to the men’s restroom, the writer elects to go to the women’s bathroom with his child.

“I’ve been to a men’s bathroom millions of times, but walking in with your daughter makes you look at it completely different,” he wrote. “Men’s bathrooms are DISGUSTING. They smell like pee, and nothing is setup for a woman or a person with a child. The changing table was right next to the urinal which means my child literally would be next to where men pee when she’s being changed. Not to mention that there are men going in and out while you’re in there.”

On the other hand, the San Pedro, California, father has a completely different outlook on women’s restrooms.

“Women’s bathrooms are so much cleaner and set up perfect just in case they have children,” the blogger wrote. “The changing station is usually inside a stall instead of just in the open, and it’s always clean. As a girl dad, I can’t help but want to protect my daughter’s from all things that aren’t for them, and the men’s bathroom is 100% one of those things.”

While he has become comfortable with taking his daughter to the women’s bathroom, Nitoto understands that women may not be comfortable with his presence in their restroom. Hoping to ease their worry, the girl dad strives to be as respectful as possible when he enters the bathroom. As part of the restroom etiquette, Nitoto said he always knocks on the door before entering and announces that “a dad is coming in with his daughter.”

“Now once inside our stall, I still am aware of the door, and whenever I hear it open and someone new is coming in, I announce myself again and make sure they know I’m inside with my child so that they aren’t surprised,” the father wrote.

Several Instagram users said they completely support the father’s decision to take his baby to the women’s bathroom.

“You are doing the right thing,” one person said.

Others also described him as an amazing father and an inspiring man.

“What a great dad! Keep doing what you’re doing and sharing it to let other dads (and moms) know it’s okay to step outside the lines to do what’s best for your littles,” an Instagram user wrote.

While Nitoto is receiving praise for his parenting skills, an organization known as Squat For Change is striving to ease the concern of fathers with small girls. According to parents, the group has been promoting the installation of diaper changing stations in all designated public restrooms, hoping to make sure men’s public restrooms are set up for dads with children.

In 2018, a father named Donte Palmer went viral when he posted a photo of himself squatting in the men’s restroom to change his son’s diaper because there was no changing table.

“We are active fathers,” Palmer said, as Blavity previously reported. “We don’t want to have to get in the man squat to change diapers the rest of our lives.”

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