NFL Player Aaron Jones Finds Necklace Containing Dad’s Ashes That He Lost During Touchdown

Green Bay Packers running back Aaron Jones lost his necklace containing his dad’s ashes while making a play against the Detroit Lions during Monday night football.

Jones’ father, Alvin Jones, passed away in April from COVID-19 complications, he told ESPN reporter Lisa Salters during a post-game interview, NBC Sports Philadelphia reported.

While making one out of his four touchdowns, Jones said the necklace came off in the end zone but that his dad would be “happy.”

“He was really on my heart,” Jones said. “I have to go look for it, but I know he would be happy. He would say, ‘if you lose it anywhere, lose it in the end zone.'”

“I think he would be very proud of me and he would tell me to continue to work hard and that this is only the beginning and to continue to stacking success and to be humble and be proud,” Jones added.

During one of his touchdown celebrations, Jones showed off the black and gold necklace, which is in the shape of a football, Packers Wire reported.

He added that the “grounds crew is looking for it” and was confident that they would find it, and they did, WBAY reported.

Packers head trainer Bryan “Flea” Engel was credited with finding the necklace on the field around 2 a.m.

“He was out there at like 1:45,” Jones said.

Despite losing the invaluable piece of jewelry, Jones appeared to be in good spirits in an interview Tuesday morning, recounting the story.

The running back ended the game with 17 carries for 67 yards and six catches, in addition to the four touchdowns. 

The Packers secured their win against the Lions with a final score of 35-17.

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