Emboldened White Woman Says ‘N***a’ While Trying To Make A Point Against N.W.A. Song

Things got tense in a recent Texas school board meeting after one of the parents shared their concerns regarding what she considers to be a “sick” curriculum. As the Leander Independent School District board meeting turned to the citizen comments portion of the event, a white woman, identified as “speaker seven, Sheryl,” recited the lyrics — and expletives — of N.W.A’s “F**k Tha Police” to voice her outrage over the 1988 track being included as a part of the AP Language Arts III curriculum. 

Sheryl started off her spiel by acknowledging the school board members, accusing them of hypocrisy for teaching the protest anthem in class but still asking officers to stand at the meeting for security reasons.

“Officers—I hope they’re in here listening—and by the way, we appreciate you. The same hypocrites sitting in front of us that hate you, still call you when they feel threatened,” she began. “You cannot make this stuff up. And, of course, we are seeing the hypocrisy of the left all around the country.”

She continued, adding that the school hasn’t responded to the community members’ alleged multiple requests to take the song’s lyrics down from the student learning resource portal.

“We have the f-word 59, we have the n-word eight to nine times,” she said, before jumping into Ice Cube’s colorful verse: “I don’t know if they f**ks or what. Search a n***a down and grabbing his nuts. And on the other hand, without a gun, they can’t get none. But don’t let it be a black and a white one. ’Cause they’ll slam ya down to the street top. Black police showing out for the white cop. Ice Cube will swarm on any motherf**ker in a blue uniform. Just ’cause I’m from the CPT, punk police are afraid of me. A young n***a on the warpath. And when I’m finished, it’s gonna be a bloodbath.”

“This is in your curriculum,” she closed. “How do you defend that? Are you proud? Your curriculum. This is what you’re teaching our kids. It’s sick.”

According to the Daily Dot, issues arose during the spring semester after parents became outraged over the school’s choice to include the song on the list of teacher’s approved resources.

The TEACH Parental Rights Coalition FaceBook page created a post asking parents to participate in a #LISDSickDay, where parents call their children out of school for a sick day, as a way to protest the school’s curriculum.

“On the song list is NWA’s ‘F**k Tha Police,’” the post stated. “This is *not* appropriate for the classroom. What are the curriculum developers thinking? There are dozens more examples just like this. Many teachers are asking for parents to speak up, as they don’t feel safe doing so. They don’t want to teach this to your kids and they need your help.”

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