Former Zulu Nation Leader Afrika Bambaataa Accused Of Child Sex Trafficking

Afrika Bambaataa, who has faced multiple allegations of sexual abuse in previous years, is now named in a new lawsuit that raises accusations of child sex trafficking. An unnamed plaintiff, identified only as John Doe, filed the lawsuit with Bronx Supreme Court on Aug. 4., Metropolis reports

According to the complaint, the former Zulu Nation leader recruited, groomed, raped and eventually sold a 12-year-old child to other men for sexual services during a span of four years. The plaintiff said he met Bambaataa in 1991 when he began attending meetings at the Bronx River Community Center in New York.

The hip-hop artist then allegedly started inviting the 12-year-old to his Bronx River apartment, which also served as the Zulu Nation Headquarters. That’s where Bambaataa encouraged the boy to work out, the complaint states. 

John Doe said Bambaataa then began inappropriately touching his shoulders, biceps and abdomen before eventually advancing to his private area.

The lawsuit adds a series of disturbing details, stating that the artist exposed the child to pornography, masturbated in front of the 12-year-old and continued his abuse over time by committing full rape by sodomy.

Adding to the harrowing accusations, John Doe said Bambaataa took him to other locations and watched other adult men sodomize the child for money. 

According to Okayplayer, Bambaataa was also accused of similar acts by several men in 2016. The men said they were teens and preteens when they were assaulted by the artist. 

Bambaataa responded to the accusations at the time.

“I, Afrika Bambaataa, want to take this opportunity at the advice of my legal counsel to personally deny any and all allegations of any type of sexual molestation of anyone,” he wrote.

“These allegations are baseless and are a cowardly attempt to tarnish my reputation and legacy in hip-hop at this time. This negligent attack on my character will not stop me from continuing my battle and standing up against the violence in our communities, the violence in the nation and the violence worldwide,” he continued.

The Zulu Nation, which released a statement after the latest lawsuit, is distancing itself from the former leader.

“Nothing has changed since 2016 when these decades ago accusations first surfaced,” the organization stated. “This is a personal matter for Afrika Bambaataa and his lawyers to deal with and has absolutely nothing to do with the 10 year long UZN-DOCA mission, programs and projects which continue in the revolutionary legacy of both The Black Panther Party & The Young Lords Party to ‘Serve The People, Body & Soul.’”

The latest complaint is filed under the Child Victims Act. Regardless of how long ago the abuse occurred, the act allows survivors of childhood sexual assault to file a complaint within one year of the legislation’s passing. John Doe’s lawsuit was filed 10 days before the Aug. 14 deadline of the CVA. 

Bambaataa, also known as Lance Taylor, is accused of assault, civil battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligent infliction of emotional distress and gross negligence. 

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